What are the Types of Concealed Doors?

Concealed doors are used for interior and exterior doors. They are also referred to as French doors, panel doors, pocket doors, rolling doors, casement doors, or flush door. They are used to create space under a door and give the appearance of a larger area, when in fact, they do not compromise the space for the same reasons a swing door does not. The sliding aspect of these doors is what gives them the impression that there is more space than there actually is. The actual truth is that the space is just as good as any other space in your home, and it would be difficult to give you an illusion.

These doors are most commonly found in bathrooms, but may also be used in a kitchen or even a den if the space is large enough. They are best used in spaces that have limited amounts of space to begin with, because when used in areas that are already used, it creates a cramped feeling, and therefore diminishes the flow and style of the space. Therefore, it is very important to determine the size of the room and the area that they will be used in before purchasing a new one. The different types of concealed doors include:

Wall-mounted: Also known as a wall pocket door, this type of door is mounted on the wall next to a standard doorway or to a stairwell. The door is hinged on the wall so that it opens and closes like a pocket door, which then slides onto the wall when closed. This type of door is best used in areas where there is limited space for movement, such as hallways, narrow doorways, and spaces under the door and wall. For maximum security, they are best installed behind a standard door or in a hidden area.

Sliding: Also called a concealed panel door, this type of door features a sliding track from the top to the bottom of the door. The track is Concealed within the panel. Most of these doors are constructed with either an aluminum or metal frame. The concealed panel can then be designed to match the exterior of the wall. These doors are most often used for rooms that are wide, such as the hallway, but they can be used in other areas where space may be limited.

Open: The most traditional type of door, the open door is hinged on its hinges and opens with a knob. Because this door does not have a hidden track or panel, it requires more space than other types of doors. These doors should be used in areas where there is little to no foot traffic such as a bedroom or bathroom. It is also possible to open the door without the key, but this is not recommended.

Concealed doors have come a long way since their inception. These doors can be used in all areas from the home to the office. Depending upon the type of door chosen, the cost can be high. There are many options available when purchasing a concealed door. There are many companies that make these doors, providing a variety of prices and styles.

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